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Healthy Living Products

Beds and Accessories

Having the proper bed and accessories can a layer of comfort to an otherwise uncomfortable situation. Rest easy knowing that we carry everything you need, whether the hospital bed is temporary or permanent. Shop our selection of hospital beds, mattresses, bed rails, linens, pillows, alarms, patient lifts, and swings today.

Compression Socks & Stockings

Medical compression socks can do wonders for your body, from increasing circulation, especially in those living with chronic conditions such as diabetes. Compression apparel regulates your body temperature, manages moisture, supports your muscles and joints, and delivers increased oxygen and blood flow. Let us help you find the support your body needs by coming by and getting properly fitted for a pair of compression socks.

Bathroom Safety

Seventy percent of home accidents occur in the bathroom, making it the most dangerous room in the house for seniors. We stock a variety of shower chairs, bath benches, grab bars, commodes, stool risers, toilet safety frames, and bath accessories to help give you confidence and independence in your daily routine.

Healthy Living Services

CPAP/ Bi-Pap Fittings

We'll work with you to ensure your respiratory equipment is the right fit so you can breath easy and sleep easy!

Diabetic Shoe Fittings

Browse our line of diabetic footwear in-store, and we'll help you find the perfect fit while you're here!

Stair Lift Installation and Delivery

When you purchase your in-home stair lift from us, you get delivery, installation & service included!

Lift Chair Installation and Delivery

You can kick your feet up while we handle the rest. We offer installation and delivery on all lift-chairs!

In-Home Oxygen Servicing

We make it easy for you!  Healthy Living Store will service your oxygen concentrator and tanks in-home on a schedule that works for you!

Incontinence Care

Did you know that 25-30% of men and women in the U.S. suffer from urinary incontinence, but fewer than one in six use a product to help manage the condition? Incontinence isn’t something most people like to talk about, but it is something that affects so many - and we want to help you feel confident, protected, and secure.  Don't let bladder leaks hold you back, come in today to shop our selection of briefs, pads, under pads, incontinence accessories, and more!

Aides to Daily Living

Nearly 65 million Americans report recently experiencing back pain. Here at Hometown Family, we want to ease your pain and maintain confidence, while doing the things you love. We offer a wide selection of medication aides for daily living, such as orthopedic products, supports and braces, seat cushions, back supports, dressing aides, eating aides, hot & cold therapy, and ADL accessories.

Urology and Ostomy

We understand that urological and ostomy needs can be a personal matter.  Our trained staff has many years of experience to help our patients manage their supplies on an on-going basis.  For your convenience, we stock an extensive line including: catheters, drainage bags, and other accessories.   

Mobility Aides

We want to make sure you are able to keep going about your daily life as easily as possible. Mobility products help you maintain an active and more independent lifestyle. Let us help you get back moving with Harmar's and Drive's line of mobility aides. With stair lifts, canes, crutches, rollators, walkers, wheelchairs, mobility accessories, power scooters, we can find the right fit for you so you can keep moving about independently and with confidence. Ask us how we can help with delivery and installation as well!

Harmar mobility aides logo

Respiratory Supplies

Our Healthy Living Store offers high quality respiratory equipment and supplies to help you breath easier. Our knowledgeable and expert team are dedicated to ensuring that oxygen equipment, CPAP supplies, nebulizers, portable oxygen, and other respiratory supplies are properly fitted and setup for each patient. 

Golden Technology Lift Chairs

Golden Tech Power Sleep Chairs offer a combination you just can't find anywhere else. They are America's leading brand of power lift chairs for a reason - because they are built to last! We can find you the right mix of size, comfort, adjustability, and style for your needs.

golden lift chairs logo
Dr. Comfort & Anodyne Diabetic Shoes

Proper footwear can help prevent the severe effects of diabetes on your feet. We carry therapeutic shoes from leading brands, Anodyne and Dr. Comfort. Prescription diabetic shoes are designed with the purpose of helping people remain active, while providing the quality, comfort, and style you look for. Styles are available for both men and women. Call to schedule an appointment with our trained specialist.


We offer high end hospice equipment such as beds, oxygen and whatever else is needed to ensure comfort for the patient. We pride ourselves on prompt and professional service including 24/7 on-call assistance and delivery to 13 counties in Northwest Missouri.  Our compassionate professionals will provide exceptional care during a difficult time.

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