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Serving You Since 2002

From humble beginnings in May of 2002, Hometown Family of Stores opened our first store to serve the Chillicothe, Missouri Community. Our mission from the beginning has been:

  • To provide a unique and personal approach to the delivery of pharmacy and health care related products and services to those we serve

  • To identify and understand the unique needs of each customer and go beyond their expected needs

  • To adhere to the highest standards of integrity and ethical behavior toward customers, staff members, and the community

Hometown pharmacy Chillicothe store exterior

3 Locations in Northwest Missouri

Hometown Family of Stores is currently made up two retail and long-term-care pharmacies in Chillicothe and Carrollton along with our Healthy Living Store in Chillicothe.

Our employment has grown to over forty staff members across the three stores serving several counties in Northern & Central Missouri. We are proud that our key people are all “homegrown” with close ties to their communities.

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Are you worried about prescription refills? Second-guessing if you missed or doubled a dose? Tired of organizing those cumbersome pill boxes week after week? Our MED Manager medication adherence program can help. With MED Manager, your days of worrying and sorting are finally in the past.

Let us sort and package your medications so you can focus on living life.

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Refill Your Meds

With our mobile refills by RxLocal, you get the powerful features of a chain with the service of our community pharmacy. Refill your meds, set reminders, securely store information, and more. Download it for FREE today on your smartphone.

Anytime, Anywhere.

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Check Out Our Convenient Services!

Medication Synchronization

What do Our Customers Think?

Micah, Google review

Great customer service at both the Trenton and Chillicothe locations. Staff is both friendly and knowledgeable. They care about customers and community. Love Hometown Pharmacy!

Joyce, Facebook review

The staff are always friendly and helpful. If there is ever a problem with medication, they are quick to fix it. They always talk about upcoming medications, vaccines that might be helpful to me. Just a nice place you can count on. Thanks!!!!

batex 5476, Google review

Very friendly staff. Always fast service and are very well trained to help you with anything from a walker to diabetic shoes.

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Hometown Pharmacy Carrollton
Hometown Pharmacy Chillicothe
Hometown Pharmacy Marshall
Healthy Living Store
HLTC Pharmacy

We're are always striving to provide high-quality, personalized care. To provide the best service possible, we rely on your honest feedback! We would greatly appreciate if you would share your experience with us. Please take a moment to leave us a review on Facebook or Google.

  • Will the flu shot give me the flu?
    NO The flu shot cannot give you the flu because the vaccine is a solution of an inactivated virus. The vaccine helps you develop immunity to the flu by imitating an infection.
  • Should I still get a flu shot if I never get sick?
    YES The flu shot doesn’t just protect you from getting the flu — it also protects those around you. Not everyone has a strong enough immune system to receive the flu shot, such as the very old or young.
  • Do I need a flu shot this year if I got one last flu season?
    Health experts recommend getting a flu shot every year. The vaccine is developed specifically for the virus strains predicted to circulate during the upcoming flu season, not the past ones.
  • Should I wait to get my flu shot until there are cases in my area?
    NO Your body needs about two weeks after you get the flu shot to make the antibodies that will protect you against the flu. Get your flu vaccine so you are covered before flu viruses begin to circulate — not after.
  • Am I more likely to get Alzheimer's Disease if I get a flu shot?
    NO Recent studies have indicated that flu and pneumonia vaccines may actually protect people from Alzheimer’s, possibly contributing to the protection of memory, cognition, and overall brain health.
  • Will antibiotics help me treat the flu?
    NO Antibiotics are only needed for treating certain infections caused by bacteria. Viral illnesses, including influenza, cannot be treated with antibiotics; taking antibiotics can cause both minor and major side effects.
  • Will two flu shots give me more protection than one shot would?
    NO In adults, studies have not shown a benefit from getting more than one dose during the same influenza season, even among those with weakened immune systems. Except for children getting vaccinated for the first time, only one dose is recommended each season.
  • Is the flu shot safe to get if I am pregnant?
    YES Getting the flu shot is safe during all trimesters of the pregnancy and can pass antibodies along to the baby while protecting the mother. These antibodies can continue to protect the baby several months after birth.
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